21 October 2004

Masters or Victim

Masters or Victim
Dr.A.Sreekumar Menon
Psychologist & H.R.D Consultant

Visited a shopping Mall in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. Big shopping centers are called as Shopping Malls in U.S.A. It is a big hall-a hall having large area, where innumerable things are stacked. People can go around and pick up the things of their choice. The area is so vast, that it is difficult to cover the area by walk particularly for those who have some physical debility. Those who want can use small powered vehicle to go round, which is provided by the shopping center free. I also have seen persons using their own, which they attach to their cars and in which they get into when they arrive for shopping. What happens when we go round?. Things stacked in numerous varieties bewitch our eyes and we are confused as to what all things we should buy and what all we should not buy. In fact we feel we should buy every thing. At the same time our purchasing capacity warns us from picking up things as we wish. Thus there is conflict between our desire to purchase and warning we receive against purchasing. We are torn between our desire to purchase the things which attract us and our financial limitations. Similar is the case of our other possessions, We want to have the latest things. Once we buy a thing, its charm is lost and our eyes fall on something new which we have not acquired. This process goes on and on, leaving us in perpetual dissatisfaction and discomfort and distress. This disease affects both rich and poor equally.

The main reason for this is our lack of control over our mind. We allow our mind to run after objects of pleasure just like a thirty person in a dessert runs towards mirage, with the hope that he will get water to quench his thrust, which he can not resist. Even people who are used to a life of austerity may be tempted to seek luxuries, when they are in an environment of material affluence and may join the above rat race, unless they have adequate inner strength, intellectual maturity and full development of their personalities.

When man strives to experienced more and more of the so called creature comforts, what happens is that it results in sorrows, disappointments, feeling of insecurity, feeling of stress, feelings of helplessness and so on. It is a fact that happiness or sorrow does not depend upon external circumstances, but it is our subjective experience. For example, for a non-vegetarian, Chicken curry gives happiness, but for a vegetarian, it is an aversion. It is said that one man’s food is another man’s poison. From this point of view, no one, however rich he may be he may be should not think that he is superior to another who is not so rich but content with his modest living. In fact a rich person who lives beyond his means is more unhappy than a person of modest means.

The yardstick for measuring whether a person is low or high should be his ability to see divinity in him and in others. God is in each one of us. But we have to discover him Just like a man who is drowning can not see the land above water, so also a person neck deep in seeking external sources of joy and comforts can not see God. When pleasure seeking humanity fails to experience real pleasure, it gets frustrated. As a result, it takes to aggression, violence, self-aggrandizement etc. Science and Technology gives us tools which we can use for peaceful or destructive purposes, depending upon for what purpose we want to use. Humanity incapable of adjusting itself to exigencies of the situation brought about the rank materialistic mode of life uses the tools for its own destruction. That is what we find today happening in most parts of the world. What is required to save humanity from this self-destruction is cultural revolution in which there is acceptance and practice of human values such as love, understanding, accommodation, sprit of cooperation, sprit of working for the common good, sharing of common stake in the global progress and peace etc. In other words, give utmost importance to human life and human beings. These human values are very much an integral part of ancient culture and Philosophy of all nations, passed on to us from time immemorial. It is up to us to rediscover them and assimilate those in our daily lives. If we do so, a better tomorrow will be waiting for us.

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